Treatment Options

Treatment of Diabetic Eye Disease

If you have been diagnosed with Clinically Significant Macular Edema (CSME), a form of eye disease associated with diabetes, it is important to understand the treatment options available to you.

An Evolution in the Treatment of CSME

A simple in-office procedure, 2RT Retinal Rejuvenation uses laser light to prevent progression of CSME whilst preserving the eye’s sensitive structures from unnecessary harm. 

Available Treatment Options

Repeated ongoing eye injections (anti-VEGF) are suitable in cases of diabetic eye disease that involve the most central part of the back of the eye. In other cases, conventional retinal laser therapy, also known as photocoagulation, can be a suitable treatment option. However, photocoagulation may cause collateral damage to sensitive structures in the eye. In contrast, 2RT Retinal Rejuvenation is a gentle treatment which does not elicit any unnecessary harm to the important structures of your eye.

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